Read the Internal Communications Whitepaper

As business communication channels evolve, engaging employees with company mission, values, goals is more achievable than ever. The proliferation of a connected culture and real-time data sharing is enabling organisations to implement increasingly effective engagement strategies, as well as safegaurding measures for use during the event of an emergency.

In this whitepaper, we explore the role of internal communications - with a particular focus on building and sustaining employee relationships, establishing trust, providing relevant information to staff and ultimately making a positive net impact on motivation, productivity and the financial bottom line. 

To find out how you can develop an effect internal communication strategy by leverging existing infrastructure, download the whitepaper today. We discuss in detail:

  • Environmental factors that hinder user adoption & buy-in of employees to engagement strategies
  • The difference between sender vs receiver orientations in internal communications
  • Three traits that amplify counter-productive, negative communications & how to avoid them
  • The role that existing hardware, software and infrastructure plays in day-to-day and critical communication plans