Read the Enterprise Mobility Whitepaper

As stated by Gartner analyst Michael Disabato at the 2015 Catalyst conference in San Diego, “Mobility is not a technology problem.” Two years later that statement still rings true for a vast number of organisations.

To develop a future proof enterprise mobility strategy, organisations must consider not only the technology but also a variety of cultural & management factors. Business leaders must answer questions about the business goals that enterprise mobility suppotts, the app lifecycle, end-to-end user experience and practicality.

Download the CommonTime whitepaper on how to develop a future proof enterprise mobility strategy today to find out:

  • The effect of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) policy on strategy & longitudinal appeal
  • How to develop an end-to-end user experience that takes into consideration BYOD & CYOD models
  • The effect of Shadow IT on the enterprise and the ways in which risks can be mitigated
  • The difference between short term & long term planning, including the ways in which strategy differs from agile adaptation