A Flexible Delivery Solution to Simplify Logistics Processes

Discover how ArrowXL and CommonTime have worked in partnership to develop an adaptable mobile solution for streamlining delivery processes for drivers and customers. With custom retailer delivery forms, Google Maps integration and automated job management, a marked improvement in service efficiency has been recognised since launch.

With over 15,000 deliveries everyday performed across a fleet of 1000 vehicles, it is vital that drivers can instantly communicate their progress to base, and access intelligence in the field at any time. With further developments planned to improve customer communications, ArrowXL will soon be able to provide instantaneous conversations between drivers, customers and base – all using app technology.

Download the ArrowXL case study now to learn how your organisation can:

  • Design integrated, adaptable mobile solutions for internal or external processes
  • Create automated workflows, triggers and rules to increase efficiency
  • Ensure continuous communication between multiple stakeholders
  • Deploy scalable mobile technology across a complex organisation